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Evan Javan Brown

E.J. "jay" BROWN (1897-1980) (deceased, age 83) and his brother Davis founded Brown's Pottery in Arden N.C.  in 1924 or 1925.

Before that they worked for their father James Osborn Brown in Atlanta. EJ Brown also worked for many other potters in Georgia's Jugtown starting at age 13 and up into the mid 1920s, including Rufus Rogers, Daddy Bill Dorsey and WTB Gordy.

Made utilitarian stoneware early on. Gradually added artware to his output during the 3-4 years he was at the Arden shop. Javan moved back to Georgia for a time 1928 to 1948 but he focused on making items for chimneys during that period. He had his own shop in NC at Valdese in Burke County where he made table ware and art ware and developed face jugs as a specialty and after the shop closed worked at his son Evan Javan Brown Jr's shop (Evan's Pottery) in Skyland, NC until 1980.

Javan also operated Rainbow Pottery in East Point with Willy and Bobby Brown at one point, (I think in the early 20s?).

Had at least a son and a daughter Evan Javan Brown Jr and Cherry Brown Corn who runs Evan's Pottery today.

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