William Joseph "Bill" Gordy (1910-1993)

Son of W.T.B. Gordy and older brother of DX Gordy.

WJ Gordy was an award winning potter based in Cartersville, Georgia (born in Aberdeen). He was also an instructor at the John C. Campbell folk school in Brasstown, North Carolina. His pottery has been on display at the Smithsonian since 1940.

As a "tramp potter" or itinerant potter, Bill Gordy worked in a number of locations for a number of potters before settling down. He has worked in:

Alvaton, Meriwether County

Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia for James Reid

North Carolina (for various people)

Cartersville, Bartow County from 1935 until his death

Used a semi-circular stamped on the bottom of his pieces reading "HAND MADE BY W.J. GORDY".

Also, from 1935 to 1955 or so a stamp that said Georgia Art Pottery

From 1937-1939, he used a handmade 3 line stamp that said "GA. ART." "Pottery" "W.J.G." per Darrell Adams, who I believe is his grandson and I believe possesses the stamp and generously shared the information and a photo of the stamp with the Georgia Pottery Collectors Facebook group. If you want to see the photo of a stamp and an example of its use I recommend applying to join the group, which is full of excellent information (and pretty pictures of amazing pottery).

Mountain Gold, a golden brown color was his trademark glaze color.




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